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The Firm

Our firm provides varied legal services, including real estate; business transactional law, lending transactions, wills, trusts and estates, bankruptcy and other legal matters. We are committed to providing prompt and efficient service.  Our philosophy is to work hard to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients. 


Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law

Our firm handles the purchase, sale, exchange and leasing of real property, commercial and residential development and loan/mortgage transactions.  We represent individual, corporate, partnership and limited liability company buyers, sellers, builders, developers and lenders.


Bankruptcy Law

We represent parties in bankruptcy proceedings.  Our firm’s legal services include, among other things, hearings and litigation of various matters.


Business Transactional Law


We provide services to sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.  These include, among other things, formation, contracts, leases, purchase and sale of businesses and general legal advice. 

Wills & Estates

We prepare wills and trust agreements designed to meet our clients’ individual needs. We work in coordination with our clients’ estate planners in developing an estate plan to satisfy our clients’ objectives for the desired disposition of his or her assets.  Our firm provides the legal services needed for the probate of wills and the administration of estates.

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